Schedule of Events

                   Main Field                              Pavilion                  Children’s Area

9:00 a.m. Festival Opens                                                                                   Children’s Games Open 

9:30 a.m. Welcome

                 Posting of the Colors

                 Kalamazoo Pipe Band

10:30 a.m. Border Collie Agility Show 

11:00 a.m.                                                       Kalamazoo Scottish 

                                                                        Country Dancers Demo

​11:30 a.m.                                                        KSCD try-it **

12 Noon   Calling of the Clans

                  Ladies Haggis Toss **

                  Men’s Keg Toss **

12:30 p.m. Kalamazoo Pipe Band

  1:30 p.m. Border Collie Agility/Show

  2:30 p.m.                                                       Kalamazoo Scottish 

                                                                        Country Dancers Demo

  3:00 p.m.                                                      KSCD try-it. **

  3:30 p.m. Kalamazoo Pipe Band

  4:00 p.m. Athletic Awards Presentations

** Open to the public

                                                  All Day Long

Children's Activities

Heavy Events on the Athletics Field 

Harpers’ Circle, north of the athletic games

Weavers Guild of Kalamazoo Demonstrations, north of the athletic games

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Highland Games - Athletics Info


Clan Tents

Children's Games & Activities



​Schedule of Events

Mark Your Calendar!

~ Twenty Third Annual ~

Kalamazoo Scottish Festival &

Highland Games

Saturday August 22, 2015


Flesher Field

3663 S. 9th Street

Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA

Kalamazoo Scottish Festival Association


It takes a LOT of volunteers to pull off the Festival!  If you and your friends or family would like to have a fun time helping us create a fantastic event, check out our Volunteer Page.

We Need You!

Children's Games & Activities

The wee bairns are invited to the Children's Field for special games and activities all day long! Come try our smaller versions of the caber toss and the haggis toss, hit the castle with a catapult, decorate a targe, have your face painted, make a fairy crown, and more!

Highland Games Info


The Kalamazoo Pipe Band will be on hand, performing several times throughout the day.  The band performs regularly at festivals, parades, and private and community events.  Ask them about pipe & drum lessons.  Don't miss the iconic sound of the pipes!

Kalamazoo Royal Scottish Country Dancers will also perform several times throughout the day. This is the traditional social dancing shared across all classes and areas of Scotland. For more information about the Scottish Country Dancers group, see their Facebook Page.

Mel Pellerito of Driven Dog Training is again bringing us her Border Collies.  There will be agility & herding demonstrations throughout the day.

​The Harpers Circle will be on hand, making beautiful music throughout the day. They play the traditional Scottish Clarsach.  This is a small harp with no levers or pedals. They will be creating the traditional Scottish harper's circle where traditional Scottish tunes are played and shared.  For more information about the Harpers Circle group, email John Kuch at .

Also joining us again this year will be the Weaver's Guild of Kalamazoo. Some of Scotland's most treasured exports have their origin in wee cottages, where proud and highly skilled artisans spin and weave to produce such goods as Harris Tweeds, Shetland woolens, and intricate tartans. The talented folks of the Weaver's Guild will be demonstrating all day, and will have some products on display at the tent.  They'll be right by the Harpers, so listen for the music to find them.

Mac Farlane's Company.  A Living History Troup.  A volunteer organization that uses Living History presentations to teach people, primarily about the rich history and culture of Scotland and the Scottish diaspora in North America.

The Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) (Irish: Cumann Lúthchleas Gael, [ˈkʊmˠən̪ˠ ˈl̪ˠuh.xlʲæsˠ ɡeːl̪ˠ] (CLG)) is an Irish and international amateur sporting and cultural organisation, focused primarily on promoting Gaelic games, which include the traditional Irish sports of hurling, camogie, Gaelic football, handball and rounders. The Association also promotes Irish music and dance, and the Irish language.

With events for both men and women, the Highland Games have their roots in ancient times when men came together in informal contests of strength to keep in shape for clan warfare or defense.  It is also said that The Games are the predecessor of today's North American track & field events.  At any rate, The Games today are an exciting part of many Scottish gatherings around the world!

Events for 2015: 

 Stone Throw - Sheaf Toss - Light Hammer Toss - Heavy Hammer Toss - Caber Toss 

 Weight for Height - Light Weight for Distance - Heavy Weight for Distance 

Don't miss the Ladies Haggis Toss &

Mens Keg Toss during the athlete's lunch break.  Open to anyone who wants to try!

See you on the field!

Clan Society Tents

Clan tents are an opportunity to mix and mingle, greet and hang out with those who share a common ancestry, or to explore your ancestry.


  • Clan Buchannan
  • Clan Campbell
  • Clan Cumming
  • Clan Donald USA
  • Clan Fraser
  • Clan Grahmam
  • Clan Kennedy
  • Clan MacCallum/Malcolm
  • Clan MacLaughlin
  • Clan Mac Naughton
  • Clan MacTavish
  • Clan Moffet
  • Clan Murray
  • Clan Shaw
  • House of Gordon
  • Mac Farlane Company

As of August 17, 2015



Winstons/London Grill

Jack Jellies Jewelry

Arcadia Brewing

Imperial Beverage

Midway Chevrolet Plainwell

Home Depot - Plainwell



Kalamazoo Public Library

Grand Rapids Scottish Society

Private Individuals

Joann McMurray

Arnie Thompson

Patricia King

Archie "Jack" Rose

Ed and Ann Simmons

Dave McMurray

Vendors - Scottish Food & Goods

Food vending will be by the KSFA Meat Pie Wagon. Featuring traditional Scottish fare, we'll have meat pies & bridies, scones, beverages, & more! This year we are adding hotdogs as well. Our festival offers free admission, so this is an important source of funds to keep us going from year to year.  Please come hungry!

UK Market

SEW Photography

Costco Whole Sale

Celtic Seasons

​Welcome George

Doin' Nuttin'