Kalamazoo Scottish Festival Association

Highland Games 

With events for both men and women, the Highland Games have their roots in ancient times when men came together in informal competitions of strength to keep in shape for clan warfare and defense. The Highland Games influenced today's Olympic Track & Field events, and are an exciting part of many Scottish gatherings around the world!​​ Learn More

Events​ (subject to change)

​​Opening Ceremony/Welcome                                       9:15

Heavy Athletics                                                                 All Day                             Main Field

Dog Parade                                                                        9:30                                 Promenade

Royal Scottish Country Dancers                                     10:00                              North Pavilion

Clan Parade                                                                         11:15                             Promenade

Kirkin' o the Tartan                                                            11:30                             Announcer's Stand

   (Flowers of the Forest:  Timothy Kyle, Keith Roe)

Peat Barrow Race                                                               12:00

Kalamazoo Pipe Band                                                         12:30

Children's Games                                                               10-3                                West Pavillion

Door Prize/ Drawings                                                        1:45                                 Announcer’s Stand

Royal Scottish Country Dancers                                         2:00                               North Pavillion

Children's Parade/Story Time                                              2:30                               West Pavillion

Haggis Toss ($1.00 per throw)                                             3:00                               Near Fenced Area

Kalamazoo Pipe Band                                                           3:30

Peat Barrow Race                                                                  4:00

Closing                                                                                    4:45


It takes a LOT of volunteers to pull off the Festival!  If you and your friends or family would like to have a fun time helping us create a fantastic event, check out our Volunteer Page.

We Need You!

Children's Games & Activities

The wee bairns are invited to the Children's Field for special games and activities all day long! Come try our smaller versions of the caber toss and the haggis toss, hit the castle with a catapult, decorate a targe, have your face painted, make a fairy crown, and more!

Clan Society Tents

Clan tents are an opportunity to mix and mingle, greet and hang out with those who share a common ancestry, or to explore your ancestry.