Kalamazoo Scottish Festival Association

General Rules and Equipment for Highland Athletics
Athletes compete in Mens, Womens and Masters (over 40 years of age) Classes


OPEN STONE – Standard weights are Men: 16-22 lbs., Women: 8-12 lbs. The Stone is put with one hand with the stone remaining against the neck throughout the throw until the release. Any approach or throwing style may be used.

BRAEMAR STONE – Standard weights are Men: 20-26 lbs., Women: 13-16 lbs. The Stone is put in the same way as the Open Stone, however, no approach to the trig is allowed.

WEIGHT FOR DISTANCE (HEAVY AND LIGHT) - Standard weights are Men: 28 and 56 lbs., Women: 14 and 28 lbs., Masters Men: 28 and 42 lbs., Masters Women: 14 and 21 lbs. The metal weight is attached by a chain to a handle, and thrown with one hand from behind the trig. Any throwing style may be used, typically using a spinning approach.

HAMMER THROW (HEAVY AND LIGHT) – Standard weights are Men: 16 and 22 lbs., Women – 12 and 16 lbs. The hammer head is metal sphere, which is attached to a shaft of wood, rattan, bamboo or plastic. The hammer is thrown with feet in a fixed position behind the trig, and no approach is allowed.

CABER – The caber is made from wood, of variable size and weight, with the goal that at least half of the competitors can turn it. The caber shall be placed upright before the athlete, with the heavy end on top. The athlete lifts the caber, controls it, takes a run and tosses the caber in such a way as to land on the top, pass through the vertical position and end with the small end of the caber pointing away from the athlete.

WEIGHT OVER BAR – Standard weights are Men: 56 lbs., Women: 28 lbs., Masters Men: 42 lbs., Masters Women: 21 lbs. The weight is made of metal, attached to a handle. The weight is thrown with one hand over a crossbar.

SHEAF TOSS – Standard weights are Men: 16 or 20 lbs., Women: 10 or 12 lbs. The sheaf is a burlap bag filled with a material such as straw or rope. The sheaf is thrown over a crossbar using a pitchfork.