Kalamazoo Scottish Festival Association

Some Rules and Weights for
The Heavy Athletics


We have Men's, Women's and Master’s (Over 40 years of age) Athletes Competing in the Games.

Putting the Stone Open Stone Standard Weights  For Men is 16 to 22Lbs  and Women 8 to 12lb  The stone must be thrown from the box and the athlete can not pass the trig or foul line.

Weight for Distance Standard Weights for the Light and Heavy Weight are Men 28lbs and 56lbs  Women 14lbs and 28lbs and Masters 28lbs and 42lbs the athlete can throw the weight with only one hand and must stay inside the throwing box and not cross the trig.

Hammer Throw again has two weights for Men 16lbs and 22lbs and Woman 12lbs and 16lbs the athlete must have their feet in a fixed    position and stay inside the throwing box not crossing the foul line.

Weight for Height  Men 56lbs Woman 28lbs and Masters 42lbs the weight must be thrown with one hand and the Athlete can use any style deemed safe to throw the weight over the measuring bar and is given three attempts at each height but must be successful on one of the   attempts to move on

Tossing the Sheaf  the weight of the bag for Men is 20lbs Woman 12lbs and  Masters 16lbs the athlete using a pitchfork can use any  manner to toss the bag over the bar and will be given three chances for each height.

Caber Toss the athlete must pick up the caber  heavy end up balancing the weight  moving forward the athlete then tosses the caber in an    attempt to flip it and is measured on how straight the caber lands in front of the competitor a perfect score is a twelve O'clock  turn.