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The Scottish Clans

The Scottish Clans and Families of both Highland and Lowland origin have shaped the history of Scotland and its people. Today the clans reach around the world and are manifest in their members today.

The Kalamazoo Scottish Festival has maintained relationships with several clans and families for over 30 years. 

Please fill out the following forms to participate or contact Jeff Spoelhof at or 616.745.1430 with any questions. When using the Pay Now button, please write "Clan" in the memo section for our records. Thank you!

Our 2023 Festival

In 2022, Clan Hay won the Clan Tent Award and Curtis Hay presented the 2023 award to Clan Buchanan - in their first year participating in KSFA!   President John Gilbert awarded the new Clan Tent take-home award to Buchanans. In addition to the Clan Tent Award Plaque that will stay with the Festival, each winning Clan will be given their own award to keep and display. 


"I wanted to personally thank the Clans that attended the 2023 Kalamazoo Scottish Festival. You are so important to us!  We had great participation from the Clans in 2023 and look forward to having you back in 2024!  Please feel free to send your comments and ideas for this year's festival using the Contact Us at the bottom of the page."



- John Gilbert, President, Kalamazoo Scottish Festival Association

2023 Registered Scottish Clans:

~ Clan Bell of the Borders
~ Clan Buchanan
~ Clan Campbell
~ The Learned Kindred of Currie
~ Clan Donald USA
~ Clan Donnachaidh
~ Clan Forbes
~ Clan Fraser
~ Clan Graham
~ Clan Hay
~ Clan Innes
~ Clan MacAulay
~ Clan MacCallum-Malcolm
~ Clan MacLellan
~ Clan MacLaughlin 
~ Clan Rose 

2024 Registered Scottish Clans:

~ Clan Rose
~ Clan Gunn
~ Clan Hay

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