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Sponsorship Packages

As a 501(3)(c) Non-Profit the Kalamazoo Scottish Festival Association, we rely heavily on donations and fundraising to keep our annual festival and other events running. We have several options below for both businesses and individuals. Please consider sponsoring our games.

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Rampant Lion Premier Sponsors

For our 30th Annual Festival, the Board of Directors created the Rampant Lion Premier Sponsorship level for those contributions exceeding $1000. As a Non-Profit Organization we operate our entire festival based on donations and sponsorships. Our premier sponsors for the 2023 Festival year are the City of Parchment and the Irving S. Gilmore Foundation. We thank them for their contributions and look forward to working with them in future years.

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Thistle Level
$500/In Kind

Fence & Garden

Best Way Disposal 

Ormiston May Photography

Holland Waterfront Celtic Festival & Highland Games

Flagstar Bank

Laketown Township

Adam & Ryan Palumbo

Highlander Level
$250/In Kind

Parchment Community Library

Black Sheaf

Park Forest Products -

Makers Of Big Ash Cabers 

Taylor Rental - Holland

Shephard Rotary Highland Games

Susan Secoy & Diane Secoy-Smith

Landrich Power Systems

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Tartan Level
$150/In Kind

The Blue Dolphin Greek Restaurant

Flex Fitness Center

Raw Strength Gym

Chips Groundcover LLC

Harding's Market


Celtic Level Sponsorships:

There are a number of individuals in our community who have sponsored our festival. We would especially like to thank our Board members and their families, as well as those listed below for helping to keep the KSFA running via their personal donations:

Sarah Wilson
Bob Johnson
Kirk McBride

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